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"How do I apply for housing?"

Wait List for Family Properties is Closed. The CHA's Housing Choice Voucher Program (formerly called Section 8) is administered by CHAC, Inc, a privately owned company. At the present time, CHAC's waiting list is closed.
(from the front page FAQ and apply for housing page of the Chicago Housing Authority Website, June 10, 2006)

[Besides, according to the FY2006 Moving to Work Annual Plan, there are already 147,730 people on the waiting list for public housing, and 9,756 heads of household on the Housing Choice Vouchers (aka Section 8) waiting list. (p. 137 and 144 in the appendix)]

some of the homes demolished (list)


residency requirements.... often include credit history and criminal background checks, drug testing, housekeeping or home visits, and an evaluation of a resident's employment and economic self-sufficiency record.

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